Welcome to the Pre-Dental Society!

Shadowing Program applications are now posted! (Found under "Programs" tab)

New members are able to join the Pre-Dental Society by attending meetings.

Two Semesters and a T-shirt: $60

One Semester and a T-shirt: $40

Two Semesters (No Shirt): $50

One Semester (No Shirt): $25

Hope to see everyone there!

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Pre-Denter of The Week!

Name: Robert Rubio

Major/ Class Year: Political Science (Minor in Biology), Class of 2017

Interesting Fact: Worked in a dental lab while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces & had the opportunity to make a custom tooth for a Navy SEAL. The tooth had a gold SEAL trident installed within it!



Global Dental Brigades:

Howdy! This past Summer a few of our Pre-Dent Aggies traveled to Nicaragua with the Global Dental Brigades chapter at Texas A&M. Global Brigades is currently planning a brigade to Panama over Spring Break. GDB meets right after our Pre-Dental Society General meetings. If you are interested in joining e-mail our VP Emily Veerkamp!


DAT Question of the Day

Keeping your mind sharp for the DAT, one question at a time!



Project Smile Information

Be sure to wear your new Pre-Dent t-shirts and jeans when attending Project Smiles (or maroon shirts)! We will always meet at the Barnes and Nobles parking lot on Texas Avenue at 3:30pm. We will be leaving at 3:45pm so be sure to arrive on time or meet us at the elementary school. 

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